Saturday, April 10, 2010

Integralism: A Historic Past, A Bright Future  


April 10, 2010
by: Braxton Pearl

The 20th Century was one of the greatest and most tragic centuries in the history of the world. When the Great Depression hit the United States--forcing economic calamity in nations the world over--each country in this economic collapse had leaders rise to fix their ailing economies with differing economic and sociopolitical theories. This era of economic peril ushered in--among others--Adolf Hitler and his new ideology of governing called "National Socialism." By this time, the Bolshevik "October Revolution" had already occurred. Vladimir Lenin, realizing the dream of Engels and Marx, had begun the transformation of Russia and the spread of Communism across Europe and the world.

The world became an incubator of political experimentation. There were three major political ideologies tested during the 20th Century. These systems of governing were: Capitalism, Communism and Fascism. This has led the masses to believe there is no alternate form of governing, and there is!

Today, there isn't a nation in the Western world whose schools do not teach its students of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, Lenin and of Stalin's Communist Soviet Union, and of American Capitalism. There is, however, very little talk about Integralism. PlĂ­nio Salgado-- who amid the crises of the 1930s, led a prominent political movement in Brazil, which was called Integralism. While Salgado did not coin the term Integralism (it actually came from France), he did expand on Integralism.

What Salgado had created was a more honest and pure version of nationalism, using tenants of nationalism, morality, and religion. Salgado was a rising political star in Brazil. As his Integralist party was becoming very strong, Brazilian dictator Vargas put a stop to it.

Vargas feared the Integralists, because of their gaining support, and the flamboyant leadership that Salgado brought to the organization. Vargas removed Salgado from Brazil, casting him in exile, so Vargas could carry out his authoritarian "business as usual."


Today Integralism is more of a theory than a movement. Integralists have been forming in small parties, clubs and unorganized cells around the world over the past decade. Integralism is a new ideological theory for government that has not yet been tested. If the mainstream media covered the ideas of Integralism, many would find it to represent their own political ideology.

The website, for the Integralist Party of America (IPA), is a place to share the ideas of Integralism and help organize an American grassroots movement of people fed up with the two-party system of Democrats and Republicans who practice their crony capitalism and look out for themselves more than the people they were sent to represent. Integralism represents a more common sense approach. One that takes from the left and right; Integralism is truly a third-position ideology. These ideas will be expounded upon on this website.

It's time to no longer sit around and wait for action to be taken, it's time for us to take it ourselves! One can either be a witness to the news, or stand up and make the news.